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LECOULTRE & CIE Perpetual Motion Clock

Original price was: $375.00.Current price is: $299.99.

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A Legacy of Timekeeping: The LECOULTRE & CIE Vintage Atmos 528-8 Swiss Perpetual Motion Clock

For discerning collectors and appreciators of fine craftsmanship, the LECOULTRE & CIE Perpetual Motion Clock presents a unique opportunity. This exquisite timepiece, crafted in the latter half of the 20th century (1960s-1980s), seamlessly blends elegance with innovative technology.

Timeless Design

The clock boasts a gleaming gold-plated brass case, lending an air of sophistication to any room. Further enhancing its visual appeal is a classic white porcelain chapter ring adorned with gold Arabic numerals and delicate markers. Subtle yet striking gold hands correspondingly complete the timeless aesthetic.

Perpetual Precision

The LECOULTRE & CIE Atmos 528-8 transcends the boundaries of conventional clocks. Unlike its battery-powered counterparts, this ingenious device harnesses the power of temperature and atmospheric pressure fluctuations to keep perfect time. A mesmerizing capsule filled with a specialized liquid expands and contracts with these subtle changes, providing the energy required for the clock’s operation. This remarkable feat of engineering eliminates the need for manual winding, ensuring the clock keeps time effortlessly for years to come.

A Treasured Heirloom

More than just a timepiece, the LECOULTRE & CIE Perpetual Motion Clock represents a captivating conversation starter. Its captivating design and intriguing mechanism will undoubtedly spark curiosity and admiration. This exceptional clock is not only a functional treasure but also a potential heirloom to be cherished by future generations.

Caliber/Model No.: 528-8
Serial No: 261160
Bottom Stamps: LeCoultre & Cie | Metal | Caliber 528-8 | Swiss
Face Stamps: Fifteen 15 | Jewels VXN | ATMOS | Switzerland | Unadjusted
Condition: Pre-owned, good, missing small handle on front glass plate with damage to that small area of glass, cosmetic imperfections, heavy dried glue residue at front of base, tested and works, as is
Compare To: $375.00–$550.00 (eBay sold listings, in similar condition)

*Professional cleaning and servicing recommended.

PICKUP ONLY – Pick up from any of our retail locations or from our Auction Warehouse.
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