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Intex Easy Set Family Pool (Pickup Only)

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Beat the Summer Heat with the Intex Easy Set Family Pool

Looking for a fun and easy way to keep your family cool all summer long? Well, look no further than the Intex Easy Set Family Pool! This inflatable pool is perfect for creating a backyard oasis. Here, you and your loved ones can relax and beat the heat in comfort.

Effortless Setup in Minutes

Unlike traditional above-ground pools that can be a hassle to set up, the Easy Set inflatable pool truly lives up to its name. In fact, with minimal effort, you can have your pool ready for a refreshing dip in just 10 minutes. Simply spread the pool out on level ground, inflate the top ring with air, and then fill the pool with water. That’s it! You’re ready for summer fun, hassle-free.

Spacious Relaxation for Everyone

The Easy Set pool boasts a spacious diameter of 10 feet, providing ample room for your family. Here, everyone can splash around, play games with friends, or simply relax and soak up the sun. Additionally, the durable, puncture-resistant 3-ply material ensures the pool can withstand years of summer fun. So, you can create lasting memories without worrying about wear and tear.

Crystal-Clear, Sparkling Water

To ensure a refreshing swimming experience, the Easy Set Family Pool comes with an optional-use Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump. This pump helps keep your pool water clean and clear by providing improved circulation and filtration. Furthermore, the improved circulation enhances water clarity, while increased negative ions at the water surface contribute to a more refreshing experience. In essence, this pump keeps your pool inviting all summer long.

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Product Details at a Glance

  • Inflatable pool
  • Diameter: 10 feet
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Water capacity: 1,018 gallons (at 80% full)
  • Includes Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump (pump flow rate: 330 gallons)
  • Constructed with durable, puncture-resistant 3-ply material
  • Easy to set up in 10 minutes
  • Ages 6+

Make a splash this summer with the Intex Easy Set Family Pool!

Don’t forget: To maintain optimal water clarity, remember to replace the filter cartridge every 2 weeks.

Condition: Pre-owned, new, in box

PICKUP ONLY – Pick up from any of our retail locations or from our Auction Warehouse.
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