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Mohair Beret by DRESS STEWART

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Mohair Beret: Embrace Timeless Style

Step back in time with this charming vintage Dress Stewart mohair beret. This unique piece, handcrafted in Scotland, offers a fusion of classic style and modern warmth, making it a standout addition to your winter wardrobe.

A Touch of Scottish Heritage:

  • Made in Scotland: Experience the quality and craftsmanship of a genuine Scottish-made beret, adding a touch of heritage to your headwear collection.
  • Vintage Design: Embrace the timeless charm of a vintage beret, perfect for those who appreciate classic styles and unique pieces.
  • Warm and Cozy Blend: The 70% mohair and 30% wool blend provides exceptional warmth and comfort during chilly weather.

A Fusion of Colors and Textures:

  • Eye-catching Color Palette: The beret boasts a captivating blend of cream, red, yellow, black, and blue, offering a touch of whimsy and personality.
  • Playful Pom-pom Detail: A charming cream-colored pom-pom adorns the top of the beret, adding a delightful and fun element to the design.
  • Comfortable Elastic Headband: The cream-colored elastic headband ensures a secure and comfortable fit for most head sizes.

Functional Design and Versatility:

  • Approximate Measurements: This mohair beret measures about 10.5″ in diameter when lying flat, with an opening that expands from 3″ unstretched to 10″ stretched, offering a comfortable fit for various head sizes.
  • Iridescent Lining: Peek inside to discover a delightful surprise: the beret features a vibrant iridescent green-orange lining that adds a touch of hidden personality.
  • Effortless Style: Simply slip on this beret to instantly elevate your outfit, adding a touch of vintage flair and warmth.
  • Versatile Accessory: This beret pairs beautifully with a variety of winter looks, from cozy coats to stylish jackets.

More Than Just a Beret:

By purchasing this vintage mohair beret from Father Joe’s Villages, you’re not only acquiring a unique fashion piece. You’re also contributing to our mission to end homelessness in San Diego.

Condition: Pre-owned, like new, appears to have never been worn

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