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Discover incredible deals on collectibles, cars, household items and more at any of Father Joe’s Villages quality auctions.
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Specialty Online Auction

Find unique collectibles and premium antiques in our online auction.

Icon of Motorcycle for Car Auctions in San Diego | Auto & Car Auctions, Antiques, Home goods

Car & Vehicle Auctions

Discover vintage and every day cars in our bi-weekly auto auction.

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Daily Household Auction

Score on great deals by bidding on furniture, houseware and more.


As one of the best online auctions in San Diego, our monthly specialty online auction offers an array of vintage goods, antiques, furniture, cars and more.

Father Joe’s Villages Specialty Online Auctions give buyers the opportunity to bid on unique and uncommon goods on our auction partner’s website. Just register for an account, browse our listings and place your bids.


Last Sunday of Every Month


Bid Online at:

Pick up items at
3350 E St.
San Diego, CA 92102


Because of the support of our generous vehicle donors, our auto auction is able to offer a wide range of automobiles—from vintage classics to useful, everyday cars—at below market value.

When you arrive at Father Joe’s Villages Auto Auction in San Diego, look for the auto auction registration area. Once there, you will need to provide valid identification to receive a bidder’s number, terms and conditions and a listing of vehicles.


 Fridays Only
Inspection: 8:00 am – 10:30 am
Auto Auction begins: 10:30 am


(619) 710-0905
Call 1-619-HOMELESS (619-446-2100)
to Donate Items


At our San Diego Daily Household Goods Auctions, you will find inexpensive items such as furniture, houseware, kitchen supplies and more. Visit us and see the incredible deals waiting for you every day of the week.

When you arrive at Father Joe’s Villages Daily Household Goods Auction in San Diego, bring a valid form of identification up to the front booth of the auction. You will need to make a refundable $20 deposit, which can also be used toward any purchase.

Please review the auction rules in the FAQ section below before you participate.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Starting between 10:00 and 10:30 am


Call 1-619-HOMELESS (619-446-2100)
to Donate Items


At our San Diego Daily Household Goods Auctions, you will find inexpensive items such as furniture, houseware, kitchen supplies and more. Visit us and see the incredible deals waiting for you every day of the week.

General FAQs (Applies to All Auctions)

Where do you find the items you sell in your auction?
All of the items for sale in these auctions were donated to Father Joe’s Villages for the purposes of raising money for the work the charity does helping people who are homeless in San Diego.
What does Father Joe’s Villages’ auctions benefit?

All proceeds go toward funding Father Joe’s Villages’ programs and services dedicated to helping individuals and families find their way home. We provide comprehensive support to people experiencing homelessness in San Diego so they can find the tools they need to regain self-sufficiency through employment and housing. Learn more >>

Can anyone participate in the auction? Do I need a special license?
Anyone can purchase items at the auction. You do not need a special license.

Specialty Online Auction FAQs

Is it easy to participate?

Absolutely! All you need to do is create an account on Then view the listed items and place a bid when you’re ready. To view a tutorial on how to create an account, click here.

Can I preview the items before I bid on them?

Yes. Please see the “Terms of Sale” section on our auction page at Look for the tab at the top of the page next to “Catalog.”

What are the Terms of Sale?

You can find our Terms of Sale information on every online auction page. Look for the tab at the top of the page next to “Catalog.” All of our auctions are being conducted pursuant to section 2328 of the commercial code, Section 535 of the penal code and the provisions of the California Auctioneer Licensing Act.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa and debit cards. However, a valid credit card is required in order to bid, even if you will pay with cash. The credit card on file will be charged at the auction close. If you wish to pay with cash, please contact the auctioneer prior to the auction closing at (619) 265-0441. A $25.00 fee will be charged for credit cards that are declined. We do not accept checks, whether personal or business.

How do I get my items?

You can pick your items up during the checkout times and dates advertised with the auction. During this time all merchandise must be removed from the sale premises. No exceptions. You can find checkout times and dates under the terms of sale tab on the auction page. If you would like to get your item shipped to you, contact Pak Mail La Jolla at (858) 405-7425 to schedule the shipment.

Auto Auctions FAQs

Can I preview the inventory before I attend the auction?

Yes. You can visit and click “Inventory” at the top to see the cars that will be put up to auction. There is also an inspection period between 8:30 am and 10:30 am before each auction.

What types of payment do you accept?
We only accept cash payment. Immediately after the auction, you’ll be expected to put down a $300-$500 deposit, depending on the amount the car sells for. Full payment is due no later than the next day at 3:00 pm.
What is the auction process?

When you arrive at the auction site, go to the auto auction registration area. There you will need to provide valid identification to receive a bidder’s number, terms and conditions and a listing of vehicles.

When the car that you want to bid on goes up for auction, pay attention because the bidding will go very fast. Raise your hand up to bid. If the auctioneer doesn’t immediately see you, shout “Yes.” Once the auctioneer acknowledges your bid, he’ll turn to look for a counter bid. Then he’ll turn back to you to see if you’ll bid again. Keep shouting “Yes” when he returns to you to continue bidding. If you’d like to stop bidding, just shake your head “No” when the auctioneer turns to you.

Once you’ve purchased a car, you will be expected to pay in cash by the next day at 3:00 pm You will also be expected to remove the vehicle within 48 hours of the auction. If you need towing assistance, ask 905 Auction personnel. For even more information about the process, click here.

What are the Terms of Sale?

Please read the auction terms before coming to the auction. To read the auto auction terms, click here.

Daily Household Items Auctions FAQs

What are the auction rules (in English)?

1. You must be 18 years old or older and have established a bidder number to bid.

2. A $20.00 deposit and photo ID is required.

3. A 10% buyer premium will be added to the final total.

4. All items are sold AS-IS. All sales are FINAL.

5. No refunds or exchanges.

6. All items must be paid in full “Before” they can be removed from premises.

7. All items must be paid for immediately after the auction ends.

8. All items must be removed before the end of the auction’s business day.

9. All buyers must be off the Father Joe’s Villages premises before 3:00 pm.

10. Private business transactions or transferring merchandise are prohibited at Father Joe’s Villages premises, parking lot included.

11. Closed-toe shoes and shirts are required.

12. Food and drink are not allowed.

13. Father Joe’s Villages is not responsible for damages or theft of purchased items.

14. You will be required to surrender a photo ID to borrow Father Joe’s Villages equipment. It will be returned once you return the equipment.

15. All borrowed Father Joe’s Villages equipment must be returned.

16. A cleaning fee will be charged to buyers not leaving their parking space cleaned.

17. Any donation left at Father Joe’s Villages premises overnight will be considered a donation.

18. Is not allowed to use another bidder number.

19. The bathroom will be open to the customer at 10:00 am.

20. Buyers cannot receive donations directed from Father Joe’s Villages donors.

21. Safety equipment is recommended for the sorter.

22. The Father Joe’s Villages team cannot release other buyer information.

23. Searching for merchandise in the trash or on any other Father Joe’s Villages property is not allowed.

24. No taking photograph or video footage.

What are the auction rules (in Spanish)?

1. Debe tener 18 años o más y haber establecido un número de postor para ofertar.

2. Se requiere un depósito de $20.00 y una identificación con foto.

3. Se agregará una prima del comprador del 10% al total final.

4. Todos los artículos se venden TAL CUAL, todas las ventas son FINALES.

5. No se admiten devoluciones ni cambios.

6. Todos los artículos deben pagarse en su totalidad “antes” de que puedan retirarse de las instalaciones.

7. Todos los artículos deben pagarse inmediatamente después de que termine la subasta.

8. Todos los artículos deben retirarse antes de que finalice el día hábil de la subasta.

9. Todos los compradores deben estar fuera de las instalaciones de Father Joe’s Villages antes de las 3:00 p. m.

10. Las transacciones comerciales privadas o la transferencia de mercancías están prohibidas en las instalaciones de Father Joe’s Villages, incluido el estacionamiento.

11. Se requieren camisas y zapatos cerrados.

12. No se permiten alimentos ni bebidas.

13. Father Joe’s Villages no es responsable por daños o robo de artículos comprados.

14. Se le pedirá que entregue una identificación con foto para pedir prestado el equipo de Father Joe’s Villages. Se le devolverá una vez que devuelva el equipo.

15. Todo el equipo prestado de Father Joe’s Villages debe ser devuelto.

16. Se cobrará una tasa de limpieza a los compradores que no dejen limpia su plaza de aparcamiento.

17. Cualquier donación que se deje en las instalaciones de Father Joe’s Villages durante la noche se considerará una donación.

18. No está permitido utilizar otro número de postor.

19. El baño estará abierto para el cliente a las 10:00 horas.

20. Los compradores no pueden recibir donaciones dirigidas por donantes de Father Joe’s Villages.

21. Se recomienda equipo de seguridad para el clasificador.

22. El equipo de Father Joe’s Villages no puede divulgar otra información del comprador.

23. No se permite buscar mercancía en la basura o en cualquier otra propiedad de Father Joe’s Villages.

What is the difference between the Daily Household Items Auction and the Online Specialty Online Auction?

The Specialty Online Auction is reserved for collectible or antique items and is held online. The Daily Household Items Auction sells pre-owned furniture, home goods, decor, small kitchen appliances, dinnerware, toys, shoes, clothes and miscellaneous items at greatly discounted rates. This auction is held on location at 815 33rd St., San Diego, CA 92102.

Is it easy to participate?
Yes. Before the auction, just put down a refundable $20 cash deposit at the cashier stand toward the entrance of the auction location. When the auction begins, pay attention. Bid by raising a hand or shouting “Yes” until you make eye contact with the auctioneer. If someone else counters your bid, you’ll have another opportunity to bid again. When you no longer want to bid, just shake your head or say “No” when the auctioneer returns to you. After the auction, you will either cash out and your $20 deposit will go toward your purchases or the deposit will be refunded.
What are the Terms of Sale?

All items are sold “as is, where is”—meaning you are responsible for checking the quality of the item during the preview (8:30 am – 9:00 am) and, if you purchase items during the auction, you’ll be required to pay for them and remove them from the premises immediately. There will be no refunds after the final bid is made.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and credit cards (American Express, Visa and Mastercard) during the Daily Household Items Auction. In order to participate, you must bring a minimum of $20, which will go toward your deposit. All payments are due on the day of purchase.