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GREENLIGHT 1950 GMC 150 Die-Cast Set

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Greenlight’s 1950 GMC 150 Die-cast Set

A Nostalgic Treasure for Car Enthusiasts and Collectors. The exquisitely detailed 1:18 scale GREENLIGHT 1950 GMC 150 Die-Cast Set captures the spirit of 1950s America. The centerpiece is the iconic Classic 1950 GMC 150 pickup truck, meticulously recreated with stunning detail. Its gleaming paint job evokes a bygone era, while the intricate chrome accents and logos add a touch of nostalgia.

Built to Last, Packed with Features

Constructed from durable die-cast metal, the Vintage GMC 150 boasts features that car lovers will appreciate. The opening doors, hood, and tailgate reveal a detailed engine compartment and a realistic cab interior. Steerable front wheels allow for dynamic posing, perfect for creating miniature scenes or simply admiring its lifelike details.

Completing the Picture: A Vintage Gas Pump

No trip down memory lane is complete without a stop at a classic gas station. This set includes a vintage gas pump modeled after the iconic pumps that lined America’s highways in the 1950s. Complete with a hose and a colorful globe, it adds another layer of authenticity to the set.

More Than Just a Model Car

This Greenlight die-cast set is more than just a toy. It’s a conversation starter, a reminder of simpler times, and a cherished collectible for die-cast enthusiasts. Whether you’re a car buff or simply appreciate timeless design, this meticulously crafted set is sure to impress.

Support a Worthy Cause

By purchasing this Greenlight die-cast model set from Father Joe’s Villages, you’re not only treating yourself to a nostalgic treasure, you’re also helping provide vital resources and support to those experiencing homelessness in San Diego.

Scale: 1:18
Condition: Pre-owned, new, in box

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