FRANKLIN MINT 1971 Plymouth Road Runner 440-6


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Relive the Muscle Car Era: FRANKLIN MINT Blue 1971 Plymouth Road Runner 440-6 Limited Edition Model Car

Calling all car enthusiasts! Cruise back to a time of roaring engines and unforgettable design with the FRANKLIN MINT Blue 1971 Plymouth Road Runner 440-6 Limited Edition 1:24 Scale Model Car.

A Collector’s Dream: Limited Edition with Unmatched Detail

This meticulously crafted model is a rare chance to own a piece of automotive history. With only 5,000 ever produced, the FRANKLIN MINT Blue 1971 Plymouth Road Runner is a true collector’s dream. The legendary True Blue paint gleams just like the original, showcasing the Road Runner’s iconic design in all its glory.

Every detail is captured with precision, from the bold racing stripes to the intricate engine compartment. Open the hood and admire the realistic recreation of the powerful 440-6 engine, a testament to the muscle car era’s raw performance. This isn’t just a model car; it’s a miniature masterpiece that brings the Road Runner’s legend to life on your shelf.

More Than Just a Model: A Conversation Starter and Investment

This FRANKLIN MINT model transcends the realm of a simple toy. It’s a conversation starter guaranteed to spark nostalgia and admiration among fellow car lovers. Imagine displaying it with pride in your home or office, a constant reminder of a bygone era where horsepower reigned supreme.

Owning this limited edition model is not just about adding a prized possession to your collection; it’s also an investment. With its rarity and meticulous craftsmanship, the value of this FRANKLIN MINT Road Runner is likely to appreciate over time.

Support a Worthy Cause While Owning a Piece of History

This FRANKLIN MINT Blue 1971 Plymouth Road Runner 440-6 Limited Edition Model Car is available for purchase at Father Joes Villages. By choosing to buy it, you’re not only acquiring a rare and valuable collector’s item, but you’re also contributing to a worthy cause. Father Joes Villages is dedicated to helping homeless individuals and families rebuild their lives.

So, don’t miss this opportunity to recapture a moment in automotive history and support a great cause at the same time. The FRANKLIN MINT Blue 1971 Plymouth Road Runner awaits you!


  • Precision engineered
  • Hand assembled
  • Hand painted and polished
  • Functioning doors, hood, and trunk

Color: Blue
Manufacturer: Franklin Mint Precision Models
Condition: Pre-owned, with tag, good, with minor blemish on left side; missing wipers, exterior rearview mirrors, and antenna
Compare To: $150.00 (eBay completed sold auction)

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