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AGFA ANSCO Antique Folding Universal View Camera and Accessories

Starting bid: $500.00

Item condition: Used

Time left

Auction ends: June 30, 2024 12:00 am
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Reserve price has not been met

Capture Timeless Images: Agfa Ansco Antique 4 x 5″ Folding Universal View Camera and Accessories

This Agfa Ansco Antique Camera and Accessories offer a unique opportunity for photography enthusiasts to explore the world of large-format photography. Crafted from rich, stained cherry wood and accented with brass fittings, this American-made antique folding universal view camera (produced in Binghamton, New York, between 1928 and 1943) embodies the classic design and functionality of a bygone era.

The outfit boasts a versatile Wollensak 159mm f/9.5 Raptar wide-angle lens, renowned for its exceptional sharpness and ability to capture expansive landscapes with stunning detail. The integrated Rapax shutter provides precise control over exposure times, allowing you to experiment with different creative effects.

A complete kit, ready to capture historic moments

This comprehensive kit includes more than just the camera itself. The bellows, constructed from durable black leather, ensures light-tight operation. Additionally, the outfit features a functional focusing mechanism for achieving pinpoint accuracy.

This Agfa Ansco Universal View Camera outfit is a treasure trove for photographers seeking a one-of-a-kind experience. Owning this piece of photographic history allows you to create captivating large format images, while preserving a tangible connection to the rich heritage of photography.

By purchasing this camera outfit, you’re not only acquiring a remarkable photographic tool. You’re also supporting Father Joe’s Villages in its mission to end homelessness in San Diego.

  • A Wollensak 159mm f/9.5 Raptar wide-angle lens with a Rapax shutter (already installed)
  • Locking, foldable extension bed
  • Front and rear focusing
  • Horizontal swing
  • Vertical swing
  • Rising front
  • Horizontal sliding front
  • Reversible back
  • Tilting front board
  • Pendulum level
  • Bubble level
  • Ground glass
  • Dark cloth (hood cloth)
  • Instructions (photocopy of original)
Included Accessories:
  • Graflex 90mm f/6.8 Optar Graphex lens
  • Double-sided 8 x 10″ Fidelity Deluxe cut film holder (this alone sells for about $50 on eBay)
  • Lens board made of cherry wood (no lens mounted in it)
  • Recessed lens board (to accommodate a wide focal length)
  • Brownie Model B darkroom lamp kit (includes light fixture and green, red, and yellow light covers)
  • Britek HS-500 professional studio flash
  • Two Britek HS-55 Home Studio flashes
  • Accessories Unlimited electronic light assembly Model 500-VL, Prolight Video 500 (broken-off bulb)
  • Reflective light hood
  • Sync cords (short one damaged but electrical taped)
  • Power/miscellaneous cords
  • Print tongs
  • The Levin Company catalog (1995)
  • Kendall Moulding and Frames catalog (1990s)

Condition: Pre-owned, good, as is. Leather handle on top is missing, hook on top to hold folded camera is missing, washer on horizontal sliding adjustment knob at front scrapes against screw below but can bypass it by lifting it slightly, one knob tight or stuck. The rest of the camera seems to function well.

PICKUP ONLY – Pick up from any of our retail locations or from our Auction Warehouse.

Item condition: Used

Time left

Auction ends: June 30, 2024 12:00 am
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Reserve price has not been met

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