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Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back and Help End Homelessness

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. And for a good reason. A mother’s love is unlike any other. It is genuine and unconditional.

We try our hardest to show how much we love them as often as we can, but Mother’s Day allows us to exert more effort to honor our mothers and other women who have had a significant impact on our lives.

This year during Mother’s Day, consider giving the gift of helping other moms like Michelle and honor all mothers by offering a gift that will make a difference in people’s lives and make the world a better place.

So what can you give your mom that also makes a difference in the world? Below is a compilation of interesting Mother’s Day gift suggestions that also benefit those in need.

1. Donate to an organization that aids mothers who are homeless.

Make a donation in her name to a charity that helps mothers experiencing homelessness.

Your contributions would go toward purchasing food and other supplies that these organizations need.

You will not only make your mother proud, but you will also help the less fortunate.

2. Become a sponsor for a Baby Care kit.

Many mothers who are homeless have been victims of domestic abuse and/or intimate partner violence. Some are pregnant or have young children. Sponsoring a baby care kit will help these mothers in fulfilling their children’s basic needs.

Diapers, bath soaps, bath towels, blankets, socks, caps, and clothing can be included in the package for newborns and toddlers.

At Father Joe’s Villages, these supplies support our Therapeutic Childcare Center which provides services, childcare, and therapeutic interventions for families and children overcoming homelessness.

3. Purchase your gift from Amazon Smile.

If you want to buy something for your mother, Amazon Smile is a great place to get your presents. They donate 0.5 percent of qualifying purchases to the charity of your choice.

You not only got your mother a gift, but you also helped the less fortunate.

4. Spend time with her by engaging in an activity she enjoys.

If your mother loves knitting, sewing, or crafting, spend some time with her doing so and donating useable creations like beanies, socks or blankets, to homeless shelters.

Your mother will be ecstatic that you spent time with her, and the items of clothing you donated will provide warmth to those in need.

5. Volunteer together

Sign up your mother and yourself to volunteer at her favorite charity or one of the local shelters in your area. This is a beautiful way for you and your mother to spend time together while helping a good cause.

6. Bring her to a charitable function.

Many sporting activities, concerts, and theater productions are held for a good cause. Bring your mother here for some entertainment while still giving back.

A portion of the proceeds from these activities is donated to charity.

7. Help your mom declutter.

She will surely appreciate your help, and you will have the opportunity to spend time together and even reminisce while sorting through her belongings.

Donate everything she doesn’t use to a local shelter near you.

9. Mother’s Day Card

If you want a traditional Mother’s Day card, there are fundraiser campaigns that will send a virtual card to your mother or any person you want to honor when you make a monetary donation.

In addition to the digital card, your mother will receive notification that a donation has been made in her name.

10. Join a Mother’s Day walk or marathon

Nonprofits commonly organize physical activity-based events to raise funds and awareness for individuals who are homeless and domestic abuse victims.

Buy her event tickets to a charity event, like our Thanksgiving Day 5K or Children’s Charity Gala and enjoy a nice walk or run while supporting women and children in need. It’s a fun way to unwind, get some exercise, and support the less fortunate all at once.

11. Gift bags

Coordinate with a local nonprofit to assemble a simple gift bag for resident moms of homeless shelters in collaboration with your community and local businesses in your area. It is not necessary for the things in the gift bags to be expensive. You can include gift cards, books, toiletries, and anything else you think they’ll appreciate.

Bottom Line on Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back

Every mother deserves to be honored on Mother’s Day. You can choose from these gift ideas that have the potential to improve people’s lives, or you can continue to support organizations like Father Joe’s Villages, which provides homes and services for mothers and their families who are struggling with homelessness.

Every donation, no matter how large or small, makes a difference. It will undoubtedly feel good to be a part of it. Take advantage of this opportunity to show your appreciation and affection for your mothers while also helping mothers in need.