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Before accessing services for the first time, please check-in at the Joan Kroc Center.

As Easter and Spring near, the season calls us to also see renewal and beauty in ourselves and in others, especially people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Read more about how Father Joe’s Villages help people have a second chance at life.

Chuck stands by a tree outside his new home. | Easter

Chuck was an addict for over 40 years before Father Joe’s Villages. Now he lives independently in an apartment of his own.

The Season of Easter

Each year, the Easter season serves as a reminder that despite the unique trials and suffering each of us face, we all possess the power to begin again. As the world breathes new life around us, we each hold renewed hope in the possibility of a brighter future.

Easter also reminds us of how the sacrifices you made during Lent can help those most in need overcome homelessness. The kindness and love that you show to your neighbors in need can lead to beautiful transformations.

For when I was naked, you clothed me…

“I would like to thank Father Joe’s Villages for always being there for me when I have been in need. They have helped me with showers, food and with clothes at the San Diego Day Center. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me”. – Aimee

For when I was hungry, you fed me…

“I was so hungry. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten… Not only did I need the meal but I also needed to be in an environment that made me feel hopeful about my future.” – Julian

For when I was sick, you visited me…

“I had done drugs for so long I thought it was all there was. I hadn’t see a sober person in years. Now I have a new sense of life… Before, it was dark in my life. I could see no light. By the grace of God and everyone at Father Joe’s Villages, I’m so much better.” – Chuck

These are the neighbors to whom we are bringing the message of Easter—renewed hope and life.

By clothing Aimee, not only does she have protection from the rain, wind and cold, she also learned to trust staff at Father Joe’s Villages who will work with her to find long-term solutions to her homelessness.

By feeding Julian, not only was his hunger satiated, he also learned about the many services Father Joe’s Villages had to offer. He applied to receive housing support the very next day after his first meal and eventually secured an apartment of his own.

By supporting Chuck, not only was he able to transition from doing drugs and drinking a half gallon of Vodka a day to complete sobriety, he was able to find housing, improve his health and discover new meaning in his life. Read Chuck’s story >>

In the spirit of Easter, your support offers our neighbors like Aimee, Julian and Chuck a second chance.

Please consider donating to Father Joe’s Villages to renew hope and transform lives this Easter.

We wish you and your family a blessed Easter season and hope it is filled with love and light.