From Deacon Jim’s Desk: A Summer of Brighter Futures

jim_vargas_FJV HI RES 2It’s that time of year again when thousands of children and teens have their summer break. If you’re like me and have a teenager in your life, the memories of your own childhood are not far off. You may remember with fondness that time when your biggest concerns were whether your parents would let you borrow the family car for a night out with your friends or who you were going to ask to the school dance.

Our teenage years are when we finally get to enjoy some adult freedoms without yet having to shoulder all the adult cares and responsibilities. For most teens, it’s an exciting time of life.


Sadly, this isn’t the case for all of our young people. Did you know that on any given night, there are more than 5,000 homeless students in San Diego County alone?


Take Matthew who was living in a car with his grandmother and not enrolled in high school. In 2013, he came to Toussaint Academy determined to graduate high school on time, knowing that his rough start in life wouldn’t dictate his future.


Not only did Matthew graduate on time, he exceeded his goal. While working to finish high school, he made the basketball team, completed several internships and, I’m told, made it to several school dances.


With the help and support of Father Joe’s Villages’ Toussaint Academy, Matthew is finding the life he wants and knows he deserves. Now a Toussaint graduate, he is employed and attending San Diego City College.


Toussaint Academy helped Matthew overcome homelessness. Now, he is a confident and motivated young adult. He’s well on his way to a much brighter and more secure future.


This kind of success was only possible because of your support. Your contributions have changed the lives of countless homeless teens just like Matthew. We are so grateful to you for helping to make Toussaint Academy a place where young people achieve their dreams and set themselves on a path to life-long success.


Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities of teenagers who find themselves homeless. A gift of any amount can help change a child’s life.


Donate today to help Matthew and all teens lay the foundation for the life they are working so hard to achieve.


Yours in God’s Service to Our Neighbors in Need,


Signature of Deacon Jim of Father Joe's Villages Helping San Diego Homeless