Why We Help

Young Homeless Girl Smiling

Father Joe’s Villages – Helping San Diego’s Homeless

With sunny skies, exceptional attractions and innovation, it is no surprise that so many people happily call San Diego home. This draw comes with a price tag. San Diego is one of the most expensive places to live in the country – a reality that forces residents to make difficult decisions. Many San Diegans must decide between things such as keeping the power on or feeding their family, or between sleeping on the streets or being separated from their place of employment and familial support.

Today San Diego:

  • is home to the 4th largest population of homeless individuals in the nation
  • has the 3rd largest number of homeless veterans in the country
  • is the 2nd least affordable housing market in the U.S.
  • has the lowest housing vacancy rate in the West

For those living on the streets and the working poor, these facts mean making ends meet can seem insurmountable. We are here to help. For more than six decades, Father Joe’s Villages has been guided by a simple but powerful mission: to provide hope for those who are hopeless and to show the way home to those who have none.