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Affordable housing for Homeless San Diegans

We See How to Unlock a Brighter Future

Tonight, over 7,500 men, women and children in San Diego will be without a home.

With the 4th largest homeless population in the country and the 2nd largest population of homeless veterans, it may seem like nothing can be done. At Father Joe’s Villages, we see a brighter future.

The Connection between Housing and HomelessnessSan Diego has one of the lowest rental vacancy rates in the US

San Diego’s lowest-income renters spend more than two thirds of their income on rent, leaving little left for food, transportation, health expenses and other fundamental needs. Combined with a rental vacancy rate of nearly zero, it is clear that a lack of affordable housing is the largest barrier to solving homelessness in our region.

Making an Impact

Turning the Key will address this problem by creating 2,000 new apartments for people who are homeless. It will breathe new life into underused lots and overlooked buildings, including a combination of new construction on property owned by Father Joe’s Villages and the transformation of motels into apartments. Turning the Key is specifically designed to serve people who have fallen into homelessness.

By providing the necessary housing – the component our region’s homeless services infrastructure needs most – we will be able to move people from the streets into their own homes far more effectively. The plan targets downtown San Diego—the region’s most impacted neighborhood—but has potential to change the way we approach homelessness throughout our county and beyond. The plan is designed to be:

  • Replicable & Scalable
  • Compatible with Current and Future Plans
  • Completely Self-Sustaining

The Key to Addressing Homelessness is in our Hands

An extensive body of evidence supports that affordable housing coupled with supportive services saves the community money and improves housing, healthcare and quality life outcomes for people who are both homeless and disabled. For this reason, Turning the Key will provide easily accessible and individualized supportive services to those needing this assistance.

Building on the success of our existing programs and services, this new initiative will allow for us to provide more housing and supportive services. We can even get more people off the streets once and for all.

Join us. Share in our vision of a brighter future for all. Help San Diego truly be America’s Finest City.