Our Neighbors Without Homes is a new online podcast to be launched by the UC San Diego School of Medicine to elevate the voices of those who are previously or currently unhoused. Consisting entirely of medical students, our team hopes to share these stories as a symbol of hope for those still fixed in the cycle of housing insecurity. Among listeners fortunate enough to have a place they call home, we aim to spur advocacy and actions that provide for better physical and mental health for our unhoused patients.

Anybody with experience unhoused or living in transitional housing, shelters, or government-subsidized housing is encouraged to join us for a conversation. Each call will be either in-person or over the phone (depending on your preference), and each will be preceded by a phone call “off the air” where interviewers and interviewees can introduce themselves. Any questions can be directed to ucsdmedpodcast@gmail.com.

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