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Peggy, a successful graduate from Project 25

Peggy is one of our successful graduates from Project 25, like Joshua.

It has been five years since we initiated the innovative Housing First Permanent Supportive Housing Program — Project 25. From 2011 to present, Project 25 has engaged 68 of San Diego’s single adults who struggle with severe mental health, substance abuse or significant physical health conditions and have been homeless for more than a year.


Project 25 uses the evidence based Housing-First model and harm reduction strategies to create a dramatic impact in their overall health and well-being. So far, 63 of 68 participants are living in permanent housing. The Project 25 team is actively working with the other five to find housing. The Project 25 Team continues to duplicate the success that was highly praised in its initial cohort that ended in 2013.


The original United Way funding came to an end in 2014. We were determined to continue the program. Through a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), innovative partnerships with local Medi-Cal managed care health plans and other private donors, we have been able to keep this critical program going.


Twenty new clients were enrolled in the program in 2014.


From 2014 to mid-2016, we’ve seen:

  • Nearly a $1 million-dollar reduction in costs associated with their healthcare
  • 82 percent decrease in inpatient hospital visits
  • 64 percent decrease in emergency room visits and other decreases in services usage for the clients served

These clients move straight from the streets into permanent housing in a true Housing First model.


Project 25’s success is more than just cost savings.


“Working with Project 25 is about helping people to live life again,” said Brooks Long, a P25 Case Manager.


This profound realization is seen in Joshua.


When Joshua enrolled in Project 25 he had been homeless off and on since 1999. His alcohol abuse and significant health issues along with a lack of income all contributed to his homelessness.


The team helped him address his alcohol use by reducing his drinking incrementally over time. They worked with him to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) using the evidence-based SOAR model implemented locally by Father Joe’s Villages.


The team’s consistent support for Joshua and their determination to empower him to succeed has led to him being stably housed, working on his sixth-month of sobriety and reuniting with family members.


Project 25 instills hope for clients who have felt hopeless, lost and forgotten. The team creates connections, nurtures relationships and helps clients feel the value of having a place they can call home.


The project continues to lead the way in providing groundbreaking and collaborative services that support our neighbors in need like Joshua. Please consider donating today to help end homelessness, one life at a time.