Grant is a Father Joe’s Villages’ program participant and lives in San Diego.

I work at Bloomingdale’s.

That’s my reality now. Here’s what it used to be: The bills are piling up and my mind is telling me everything will be OK if I could just find a job. I have job offers, but I don’t have the two forms of identification needed, including a Social Security card, because my wallet was recently stolen. There are agencies that assist in helping with personal documents, but I need a birth certificate to prove who I am.

While waiting for the mail to arrive, I still need a place to eat. Father Joe’s Villages provides meals as well as personal assistance to those who are willing to ask for the help. Although my email is filled with job offers, there will be no start date until I receive my credentials in the mail. In the meantime, I try to find work under the table just to try and pay rent. After much disappointment and frustration, the only option that I see is to move into Father Joe’s Villages shelter.

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Opinion: Obtaining work as a homeless person has challenges – The San Diego Union-Tribune (