Mothers at our Village are like other mothers, but with one big difference—before coming to the Village, their list of worries included where their children would sleep and when they would eat their next meal.

Having overcome incredible adversity, so many of these mothers are heroes, and I would like to introduce you to one such mother.

mother and childLisa, a single mother, was raising her four children in a trailer near the U.S.-Mexico border when we met her. Her daughter, Alexis, has a neurological disorder that renders her wheelchair bound and subject to regular seizures. Lisa could not properly care for Alexis on her own and had no way to afford the special help or housing accommodations that she needed.

Desperate and crushed under the weight of soaring medical bills and her role as Alexis’ full-time caregiver, Lisa and her children arrived at Father Joe’s Villages where they moved into a wheelchair accessible room close to Alexis’ doctor.

Lisa worked hard, and Father Joe’s Villages was there to provide the helping hands she needed to live a better life and ease her burdens. With the Village’s help, Lisa and her children moved out into their own apartment that meets the family’s special needs.

This transformation is only made possible with your support. This Mother’s Day, help us ease the worry of our mothers and so many others like Lisa.

Be our helping hands as we work to ensure that, like Lisa, all mothers can provide a better life for their children.