Deacon Jim SmallAs Father Joe’s Villages’ new president and CEO, it’s humbling to lead the Village on its path to awaken the human spirit of our clients and to empower them to gain a new beginning.


Changes might not be easy but are always exciting and refreshing.


Easter and Spring like Father Joe’s Villages/St. Vincent de Paul Village are all about change and starting anew. When our clients come to us, they become part of programs designed to transition them to a new life.


Recently, I came upon Charles’ story that reminded me how change is possible, no matter the circumstances:

If you mean business about getting your life straightened out, go to St. Vincent de Paul Village.

Look what it’s done for me: I have been sober for over 450 days. This is thanks to the Village and San Diego Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) for saving my life. They found me sleeping near City College and saw how bad my leg was. They placed me in the home until a bed was ready for me at the Village.

Since I got to St. Vincent’s, my progress has been remarkable. My leg, thanks to the doctors at the Village Family Health Center, has come a long way toward me returning to a real life again. The doctors sent me to the UCSD clinic, and I’m making great progress.

My life is changing for the good. I finally have my California ID, Social Security card, birth certificate and my high school diploma, along with copies of my college stay! God bless the Village and all of the people working there. They have changed my life!


Job seeking support, employment skills classes, alcohol and addiction counseling, medical and mental health services, and housing are just some pieces of the puzzle responsible for the success of clients like Charles.


In reality, you are the biggest piece of the puzzle that makes all of our services function and our clients successful. Your donations do that every day by helping someone obtain sobriety, a father get a job, and a single mother build a permanent happy home.


YOU make it happen!


Join us in helping even more neighbors like Charles who are in need. Every individual deserves a chance. Each one of us has potential. Every homeless neighbor can begin anew.


Please make a contribution to the Village today to be a part of changing lives. Whether you can help one or 100 homeless neighbors, you can make a lifelong difference.


Thank you for your generosity. I wish you and your family many wonderful new beginnings this Spring.



With all of my respect and gratitude,


I am Sincerely yours,

Signature of Deacon Jim of Father Joe's Villages

Deacon Jim F. Vargas, OFS
President & CEO
Father Joe’s Villages