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9920At Father Joe’s Villages, every homeless neighbor has a unique vision of independence. Some dream of breaking an addiction. Others equate independence with paying the rent on time each month.

For Flavienne, independence meant landing a stable job.


I met Flavienne in 2015. Formerly an Army officer in Rwanda, Flavienne had escaped from a world of traumatic experiences only to find herself homeless on the streets of San Diego. When she arrived at the Village, she took full advantage of the programs offered through our Employment and Education Services.


Flavienne is able to speak, read and write in ten languages. But it was really her unwavering motivation to reach self-sufficiency that made her shine. Flavienne worked tirelessly one-on-one with our instructors on resume writing, interview skills and securing job leads. Today I’m happy to report that she has secured a position as a customer service representative and is saving up to move into a place of her very own.


Each Fourth of July, our country celebrates its independence. This year, we also celebrate Flavienne’s.


Changing lives like Flavienne’s is only possible with your support. With your donation, you can help keep education and employment workshops at the Village up and running.


Help us support our homeless neighbors in finding their own path to independence.

Yours in God’s Service to Our Neighbors in Need,


Signature of Deacon Jim of Father Joe's Villages Helping San Diego Homeless