When Valerie lost her job, her family ended up on the street, sleeping in their car. That’s when Father Joe’s Villages stepped in and gave them the tools they needed to shine.

Happy New Years: Remember the Families Homeless in San Diego.


From all of us at Father Joe’s Villages, Happy New Year!

While the New Year is a time to look forward and set our sights on what we will accomplish in the year to come, it also offers us a moment to reflect on the year that has passed.

When I take stock of 2017, I see the thousands of individuals and families we have been blessed to serve because of the incredible dedication of our donors.

Your support made it possible for us to take another step forward in the mission to end homelessness. Together—with your help—we were able to successfully move hundreds of people into permanent housing this year.

But, there are still thousands of people living on the streets of San Diego each night.

That’s why, in January, Father Joe’s Villages is continuing efforts to move people into safety and warmth by welcoming 150 family members and single women into our new temporary bridge shelter.

In addition to receiving shelter from the rough streets of San Diego, women and families receive access to Father Joe’s Villages’ comprehensive range of services that will help them permanently end their homelessness.

We need your help. While the City of San Diego has provided for the construction and residential support of the shelter, the additional services we provide to our new residents will result in uncovered costs.

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The enhanced services we provide, such as health care, addiction treatment, childcare, employment services and more, are vital in preparing women and families to not only find housing, but maintain it for years to come.

Family Homeless in San Diego, teddy bear

Take the family of Valerie, Jim and Isabella for example. This family was able to find their way home due to the comprehensive support of Father Joe’s Villages.

For years, Valerie, her husband and their 6-year-old granddaughter were living paycheck to paycheck, always one step away from losing their home. So when Valerie was laid off from her job of 10 years, she knew that she needed to find work as soon as possible.

However, despite her best efforts, she wasn’t able to find work fast enough and they were no longer able to afford to pay their rent. The family moved into a car and lived there for over two months before coming to Father Joe’s Villages.

After moving into family housing in the Joan Kroc Center, Valerie and Jim were able to focus on finding work, while Isabella attended our Therapeutic Childcare Program.

Valerie says that coming to Father Joe’s Villages, she didn’t know what to expect. However, she was immediately touched by the compassion and care of our volunteers and staff.

“[The people at Father Joe’s Villages] try as hard as they can to provide as much normalcy as possible, which I really appreciated. The staff and supervisors are incredibly helpful and try to assist as much as possible.”

With a secure, safe and reliable roof over their heads, warm meals and childcare for Isabella, both Valerie and Jim were able to concentrate on finding work again. Employment & Education Services helped both of them secure jobs quickly and began to save for housing and a brighter future for their granddaughter.

Isabella'sfound support at our Therapeutic Childcare Center

Recently, the family was matched with affordable housing. They will soon move into an apartment of their own, where they can get a fresh start and begin their year living self-sufficiently.

Father Joe’s Villages not only provided Valerie, Jim and Isabella with shelter, nourishment and care, but also with the opportunity to make a new beginning.

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For that, Valerie is extremely grateful:

“Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, staff, supervisors and everyone who contributes to [Father Joe’s Villages]!”

Their family is just one of the 300 families that Father Joe’s Villages supports every night—a number that is growing due to our new temporary bridge shelter.

Just as we did with Valerie, Jim and Isabella, we will help each of these individuals and families discover the hope and potential they need to look forward and accomplish their goals.

This year, we hope you will make it your goal to help people find their way home. Donate today to help us cover the increased costs of supporting even more women and families.

Your contribution will support a fresh start for people who are homeless and a new beginning for all of San Diego. Happy New Year to all!


CEO & President Deacon Jim

Yours in God’s Service to our Neighbors in Need,

Signature of Deacon Jim of Father Joe's Villages



If you are experiencing homelessness and are in need of services in San Diego, please call 1-619-233-8500 to speak to a representative about your next steps. You can also access emergency services and resources at the San Diego Day Center or at the front desk in the Joan Kroc Center.

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Hours: Monday – Friday, 6AM – 3PM

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