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Donating a car with Father Joe’s Villages is easy! Donate a car today and transform a life in San Diego.

Donate a Car to Transform a Life

In 2018, Father Joe’s Villages helped more than 14,500 people living with homelessness. We couldn’t do it without the charity of our community— people like you who pay it forward to help the lives of others. Car donation in San Diego is one way to support Father Joe’s Villages mission to end homelessness. Donate a car today and support charity programs like the Franklin Antonio Lunch Program, the Village Health Center, vocational training programs and much more.

Person holds up key to blue car. | donate a car to Father Joe's Villages, car donation to Father Joe's Villages

Donating your car to Father Joe’s Villages is not only beneficial to you but to the entire San Diego community!

What is car donation?

Car donation is when former car owners give cars they no longer use to charity. A used car can still go a long way toward helping our neighbors in need. Whether the vehicle has been well-loved by a family or it is in perfect condition, Father Joe’s Villages will accept your car donation. We even offer free, easy pick-up for any type of vehicle donation, including trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and cars.

How does car donation help end homelessness?

When you donate a car to Father Joe’s Villages, all proceeds from the sale of your car donation go toward housing programs and supportive services right here in San Diego. While there are many charities that take donated cars in San Diego, Father Joe’s Villages is one of the only charities that gives 100% of the revenue received from selling donated cars to ending homelessness. As a result, your car donation can help transform the lives of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our community by supporting our crucial charity programs.

What are the benefits of car donation?

Aside from helping neighbors in need, there are many benefits of donating cars to Father Joe’s Villages in San Diego, such as:

  1. Car donation can allow you to reduce your taxable income using itemized deductions. When you donate a car to Father Joe’s Villages, you can receive tax benefits for giving back to your local community. After you donate a car to Father Joe’s Villages, you will receive a receipt that you can file for your tax deduction.
  2. Avoid the costs and difficulties of selling your car, truck, motorcycle, RV or other vehicles through websites or third-party vendors.
  3. When you donate a car to Father Joe’s Villages, you will no longer need to pay for insurance and vehicle repairs.
  4. Father Joe’s Villages gives all proceeds from the sale of your car donation to programs benefiting those experiencing homelessness in our community.

Support Father Joe’s Villages’ efforts to help our neighbors find their way home and donate a car today! You can direct any additional questions to Father Joe’s Villages’ friendly representatives or schedule a free pick-up at 1-619-HOMELESS or (619)-446-2100. Visit our vehicle donation page now >>