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Deacon Jim VargasDuring Easter, I find myself reflecting on transformation. After the sacrifices of Lent, the message of resurrection is a reminder that even through suffering, we each can be reborn and start anew. At Father Joe’s Villages, we witness such transformations every day. Take James, for example.


Following the tragic death of his wife, James hit rock bottom. The veteran and father of four struggled with depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. His intense grief made taking care of himself and his children an overwhelming challenge. As a result, James lost his job and his house. His family became homeless practically overnight.


Things started to look up when James and his four children arrived at our door. They were exhausted, feeling hopeless and scared, but Father Joe’s Villages offered safety and solace.


Immediately, James and his family were welcomed by our staff and by Anne, his case manager. Together with James and our diligent team of volunteers and staff, Anne worked to connect the family with the resources they needed to regain stability. To start, James attended groups and individual therapy with mental health services while his kids were enrolled in therapeutic childcare.


Over a period of four months, James and his children confronted their grief and developed the coping skills needed to find joy again. James could finally refocus on finding a job. Knowing that his children were in the helpful hands of therapeutic childcare, he was free to interview for jobs while also receiving mentorship from employment education services. Through his efforts, James obtained an impressive high-paying job in just under two months.


While James looked for work, our housing locator searched for a home for the family. Rapidly, we helped James and his children find the perfect place. Just a month after starting his new job, James and his children thanked Father Joe’s Villages staff and moved into a new, permanent home.


“Transformation like James’ inspires me to do what I do every day,” Anne shared. “It’s incredibly uplifting to see the degree of success our clients can achieve. I hope that we can continue helping even more people on the streets.”


No matter the gravity or cause of their homelessness, many of our clients undergo remarkable transformations with the help of our programs and services. Every day, we have clients start their new lives in permanent homes.
We cannot pursue the end of homelessness alone. Your contributions serve as the water and sunlight that feed these budding transformations. Without your help, clients like James would not receive the support they need to turn their lives around.


That’s why I invite you to plant and nourish the seeds of new beginnings for our neighbors in need this Easter. Your generous gift can provide more than just supplies for survival—it can help hope flourish and stability take root.


Please make your gift today for a new beginning tomorrow.



Yours in God’s Service to Our Neighbors in Need,

Signature of Deacon Jim of Father Joe's Villages

Wells FargoFather Joe’s Villages Employment & Education Services program appreciates the support of Wells Fargo who provides funds for this program.