Culinary Arts Program Prepares Students for Careers as Professional Chefs

Brandon, Enrique and George lived at St. Vincent de Paul Village when they heard about our Freddie Evarkiou Culinary Arts Program available to our clients passionate about cooking. Once they learned more about it from our Culinary Arts Program Instructor and Master Chef Steven Kiefer, all three knew they wanted to pursue their careers as professional chefs.



Brandon, George and Enrique worked diligently 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, from October to January, under the guidance of their instructor to advance their culinary skills. Classic Consommé, Shrimp Risotto, Poke, fresh pasta and various versions of Ratatouille are just some of the dishes the students learned to make. They also got a hands-on experience catering several events as well as making the pies for our Thanksgiving Day 5K in Balboa Park.



Less than 4 months later, all three are now successful graduates of our certified program. It was an emotional ride for all three students that bonded them as friends and gave them their tickets to new careers they are passionate about. Brandon, for example, went to a job interview right after the graduation and got an offer just a couple of days later.



Now, our next class of students is gearing up to cater our Taste of the Village on March 16. The students and our Master Chef Kiefer are preparing an exquisite menu of French Country cuisine. 

Want to support the next class of students, network and get a “Taste of the Village?” Get your ticket to our unique event today.


Wells FargoFather Joe’s Villages Employment & Education Services program appreciates the support of Wells Fargo who provides funds for this program.