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Before accessing services for the first time, please check-in at the Joan Kroc Center.

Corrales is a security guard at Father Joe’s Villages. He lives in San Diego.

Keeping people safe is my priority and duty. I have worked as a security guard for over three decades and for the last six years I have been a security guard at Father Joe’s Villages, protecting our staff and the homeless community. Working at San Diego’s largest homeless services provider is an important and exciting job.

So many people are struggling right now and need help. I am part of the solution by getting people the support they need. I do this by keeping the environment safe and providing neighbors in need with a warm welcoming face when they enter our facility for the first time.

My station is at the front entrance of the Joan Kroc Center, the heart of Father Joe’s Villages. It is here where people can begin the journey of accessing all of the many services Father Joe’s Villages has to offer. And when they come in, I can help them feel confident that they’re on the right path. Click the link below to read the full essay.

Opinion: Here’s how I lead with care as a security monitor – The San Diego Union-Tribune (