deacon jim vargasFor the families at Father Joe’s Villages, weekday mornings resemble a typical family’s: moms and dads hurrying to wake their kids, making sure they are fed and dressed before rushing out the door and off to school.

But while we might relate to this hectic morning routine, the moms and dads at the Village have to put extra effort in keeping their families going. Troubled by unfortunate circumstances that left them with no way of supporting themselves or their children, these parents come to us for far more than a meal and a bed.



This was the case with Chloe and her mom Mary.

When Mary came to the Village, both she and her two-and-a-half-week-old daughter Chloe were suffering from the effects of addiction. Mary was determined to do better for her daughter. With no family or friends to support her, Mary asked us to help her rebuild her life from the ground up and provide a safe place for Chloe to grow.

We worked patiently and diligently with Chloe and her mom. While Mary addressed her addiction and gained job skills, Chloe spent her days thriving in our Therapeutic Childcare program.

Mary stayed sober and, with the support of our employment staff, got a stable job. In time, the family moved into an affordable Father Joe’s Villages apartment. Even after they moved, Chloe continued coming to Therapeutic Childcare. Her language skills flourished. She grew academically, learning how to count and recognize letters, and in self-help skills, like washing hands and getting dressed. She practiced conflict resolution and how to get along with her peers. She sang songs, made art and played.


All the hard work paid off for both Chloe and Mary.


This year, Chloe begins kindergarten at the end of August. Through her five years with us at Therapeutic Childcare, she has grown into a smart and resilient child who is ready to succeed both in school and in life.


Mary has also succeeded. She broke her addiction and has been employed full-time and living with Chloe in the same apartment for over 3 years. More importantly, she gave Chloe a better future than the one with which she started.

But while Chloe is off to public school this year with a strong foundation under her feet, many other homeless families struggle to meet even their children’s most basic needs. These children and their parents need your help.


At Father Joe’s Villages, we rely on generosity of donors like you to change lives like Mary’s and Chloe’s. Join us in helping parents ensure their kids have a great start in school and in life. Along with helping moms and dads get back on their feet, your donation will make sure their kids are enrolled in school, have healthy breakfasts, needed supplies and most importantly, that they have all they need to find a future after life on the streets.


Remember, homelessness impacts even the most vulnerable among us. Please give now and change someone’s life today.


Yours in God’s Service to our Neighbors in Need,

Signature of Deacon Jim