One of our young supporters Jordan wrote and shared this special poem about homelessness.

“Nameless Faces”

There they lay,

On the cold stone pavement

Hoping that the next passerby

Will be generous and drop a few cents in their jar

Instead of eyeing them with disgust and scurrying away.


Their endless hunger gnaws at them all day

Hunger like no other; a black hole never to be filled

They sit watching the wealthy devour their food

Without a single thought of distress disturbing their afternoon

If only they could have a full meal to keep their appetites at bay


But how did they end up this way?

Where their life depends upon the spare change of the fortunate

Longing for the sweet satisfaction of a home-cooked dinner

Or even just a blanket to keep warm on cold nights

Anything to defy the odds and make it to the next day