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HannahToussaint Academy San Diego (TASD) is a licensed group home that serves homeless youth ages 14-18. Toussaint provides support and opportunities to at-risk youth who have faced unimaginable challenges. Since 1992, TASD has helped residents gain the life skills necessary to become independent, contributing members of society. The program has been a success and has helped many students like Hannah pursue their education and career dreams.


Hannah transitioned successfully from TASD’s graduate apartment in September of 2011 to rent a one-bedroom apartment at 16th and Market with a friend. During this time, she was a fulltime college student at City College and part-time employee at Regal Movie Theater in Horton Plaza. Hannah had a six-month stay at 16th and Market before transitioning to 15th and Commercial for a year.


While continuing with employment at the movie theater, Hannah decided to pursue her education and become a certified medical assistant. After completing the curriculum, she decided to pursue a certified nurse assistant certification. Hannah passed the class and certification exam and most recently interviewed for a position at La Mesa Health Clinic. Congratulations to Hannah for her educational and career successes.