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unnamed (10)We don’t always have the opportunity to work one-on-one with board members of the foundations that support us, which is why we are always honored to get phone calls from Michael (“Mike”) Lennon of Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation.


For the last few years, Mike Lennon has called us to personally invite us to apply for Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation grants for St. Vincent de Paul Village. Mike’s help is invaluable at guiding us through the process and application. Given all Mike does, we invited him to share with you why he supports Father Joe’s Villages’ programs.


What motivates you to help Father Joe’s Villages apply for grants?

I have had the privilege to tour dozens of organizations and review hundreds of applications. For me, Father Joe’s Villages rates as one of the top ten. I am a huge fan of the Village! When I toured the facilities, it was clear to me that I was experiencing a culture that valued a high level of compassion for clients, a cohesive goal to empower those they serve and a passion for the work. The staff is well-trained and shares the agency’s vision to move people through the transition out of homelessness. They care deeply about the people they serve as individuals and base their services on each client’s individual needs. In this way, Father Joe’s Villages feels more like a home and less like an institution.

What makes our agency stand out to Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation?

Since 2001, Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation has provided support to charities that serve homeless individuals who are forced to live on the streets or in substandard housing as a result of unfortunate circumstances. It is important to us to fund organizations that are able to define and meet measurable goals. Father Joe’s is especially strong at measuring the impact they have on the clients they serve. The cost-effective housing and supportive services have a lasting positive impact on individuals and families served by the Village. For us, it is easy to award grants to Father Joe’s because we know the funds will be responsibly spent and will result in a real difference in San Diego.


What do you like most about giving back?

I love that my influence can help people be the best version of themselves. This is a philosophy I try to practice for myself and through all interactions I have with others.