Volunteer Opportunities at Father Joe’s Villages

Want to make a difference? We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities in San Diego for those who want to get involved and help people who are homeless in San DiegoClick here to sign up as a volunteer.


Why Volunteer with Father Joe’s Villages?

People all over the world see San Diego as a city of sun, fun, and bustling enterprise. However, San Diego has the fourth largest homeless population in the country. Those of us who live and work here know there are thousands of people who do not have homes to live in or food to eat every day. By joining Father Joe’s Villages as a San Diego volunteer, you can help make our city the bright, promising place it’s meant to be.

Volunteer at Father Joe's Villages to help our neighbors in need

Help End Homelessness

With your help, we can help all of San Diego shine. With every meal served, we get closer to ending homelessness in San Diego. As a volunteer in San Diego for Father Joe’s Villages, you’ll help serve over 13,100 people. By seeing to other people’s basic needs for food and shelter, you are helping improve the entire futures of thousands of people for only a few hours of your time.


Anyone can sign up to volunteer in San Diego for Father Joe’s Villages. Individuals, families, religious organizations, community groups, military, corporations—anyone over 10 years of age can make a difference and help end homelessness. Each year, nearly 10,000 San Diegans register for volunteer opportunities with Father Joe’s Villages. We hope you’ll join us.


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Can’t volunteer but still want to help? Consider how you can help in other ways, whether that’s by donating canned goods or shopping for a cause.

Check out Volunteer FAQs here.