Street Health

The Street Health program at Father Joe’s Villages was established in 2019 and is designed to offer healthcare services and critical support to individuals living on the streets or in temporary shelters. Its primary goal is to provide accessible and comprehensive care to people experiencing homelessness, who often face significant barriers to accessing traditional healthcare services.

The program operates community-based health services by deploying several vehicles and teams to different locations in San Diego, reaching out to individuals where they are. These vehicles are equipped with outreach materials, hygiene kits, food, and other items to meet basic needs, and the necessary resources to provide basic healthcare services.

Recognizing the importance of mental health care for homeless individuals, the Street Health program includes access to mental health professionals, counseling, and resources to address the psychological challenges often faced by this vulnerable population.

Clients Served in 2023

Physical Health Encounters in 2023

Behavioral Health Encounters in 2023

Father Joe's Villages Street Health Team

Substance use is a significant issue among individuals experiencing homelessness. The program may include services to support individuals in overcoming substance use disorders, including referrals to rehabilitation centers and counseling provided by alcohol and other drug (AOD) counselors. Harm Reduction is compassion in action, and our team carries and is trained in administering Naloxone to reverse overdoses.

Father Joe’s Villages aims to offer comprehensive care, so the Street Health program connects clients to other essential services, such as housing assistance, job training, food resources, case management, and legal support.

To achieve its mission effectively, Father Joe’s Villages collaborates with other organizations, healthcare providers, health plans, and local agencies to create a network of support for our patients.