Our New Logo

Father Joes Village Icon_RGB_FNL

As we turn a page in our organization’s history, we are proud to reveal a new symbol reflecting who we are, what we do and what we believe.


The new logo we have chosen is rich with symbolism and designed to capture the very essence of our organization. Like the services we provide, this image functions on many levels.


As a whole, it can be seen as a star, a beacon of hope to those in despair, or a sun, the symbol of a new and brighter future. Its eight points represent the biblical number for wholeness, our wish for all those we serve.


At the center lies the cross, a symbol of the faith and call to service that continues to inspire and influence all that we do. If you look more closely, you’ll notice that each point within the image is shaped like a home. Individually, these homes represent our goal of safe and stable housing for each of our clients, and collectively, the homes represent a village – our Village – a community that responds with compassion to those most in need among us.


As Father Joe’s Villages, this new symbol speaks of our collective effort on behalf of San Diego’s neighbors in need, representing our united commitment to prevent and end homelessness one life at a time and awaken the human spirit. Our new logo illustrates the very best of what we do and the higher calling to which we aspire.


Thank you for partnering with us as, together, we embrace an even better and brighter future.

What Does It Mean to ‘Be Father Joe’

You may wonder about our new call to action, our challenge to the community to “Be Father Joe.” This simple tagline is meant to convey a very profound idea. For over 30 years, Father Joe Carroll has worked tirelessly on behalf of the homeless and poor of our community. In the minds of many, he stands for the very best of what San Diego can be. His work has become a symbol of hope, of second chances–a living example that one man, standing up defiantly against an insurmountable problem can make a difference.


We believe that like Father Joe, we can all make a difference if we so choose. The only question that remains is will you, like Father Joe, choose to make that difference?