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DeaconJim SmallEvery time I’m at our St. Vincent de Paul Village, I see a line of people at our front desk waiting their turn to ask for help.


Recently, as I walked through our courtyard, I met Stanley who reached out to shake my hand and tell me his story. It moved me deeply that he had the courage to share with me. Stanley wanted me to know that the Village was helping him.


Stanley represents so many men and women who I see at our Village. Once with futures, careers and families, they now find themselves in their day-to-day struggles to find a home, and lost in tragic life circumstances.


No matter what brings them to the Village, I have learned that they have one thing in common—they not only want help, they want to secure that help. They know that we don’t just give them a bed and meal. They come to us because they want to learn the skills needed to be self-reliant again.


There has been a 26 percent increase in homeless men, women and children in San Diego. Today, 8,700 of our neighbors are homeless and on our streets. There is more need than ever.


The good news is that you and I can change their despair into hope. By assisting, we help them gain their independence back. We also help our community, our city and our economy to become more robust and thriving.


It gives me great joy to work at Father Joe’s Villages because I believe that every day that we help those who are homeless, we’re closer to a healthier community. I know that by supporting our programs with your donations, you feel the same gratification.


You can turn the life of someone like Stanley around for the better right now.


Whether it’s a family, a despairing veteran or a lost teen, you can be the means by which they regain their lives. Please make a donation today.
God Bless You & Your Loved Ones,
Deacon Jim
Deacon Jim F. Vargas, OFS
President & CEO
Father Joe’s Villages