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Father Joe’s Villages’ new short film “Shine” hopes to change public perceptions of homelessness in San Diego.



On May 8, Father Joe’s Villages debuted Shine – an animated short film about the journey to overcome homelessness. In partnership with San Diego integrated marketing agency i.d.e.a. and Golden Globe-nominated animation studio Reel FX, our film tells a story of hope intended to shift public perceptions of homelessness and inspire action.

“San Diego is in the midst of a homelessness crisis, and to many in our community, it appears that the end of homelessness is out of reach. At Father Joe’s Villages, we see the future differently,” says Deacon Jim Vargas, president and CEO of Father Joe’s Villages. “It’s our hope that viewers will see what we see every day: that a bright future is possible for everyone given the right services and support.”

Shine was only possible due to the efforts of our creative partners, i.d.e.a. and Reel FX. The resources and creative vision of i.d.e.a, a San Diego-based integrated marketing agency allowed the film to come to life. They conceptualized and coordinated the production of Shine with the creative geniuses at Dallas-based animation studio Reel FX, whose projects include Golden Globe-nominated The Book of Life, and short films, immersive rides and commercials for Despicable Me and Ice Age, to name a few.

“I wanted to direct the short story because it’s so meaningful,” says Barrett Lewis, creative director at ReelFX. “I think all creative people hope that their work can contribute to something that makes a difference in the world and crafting a unique and heartfelt narrative about how Father Joe’s Villages helps solve homelessness was that project for me.”

The film Shine is a signature element of a larger ongoing initiative, “We See.” In partnership with i.d.e.a., we are leading the effort to reshape how San Diegans perceive homelessness.

Chief relationships officer of i.d.e.a., Jon Bailey shares, “Like most people, we are deeply troubled by the rising homeless issues in San Diego and across the U.S. When we were introduced to the team at Father Joe’s Villages and learned about their incredible mission and vision, we felt an instant emotional connection and desire to help them tell their story as widely as possible. As a B Corporation, it’s in our corporate DNA to help our community and its residents and we are truly honored to provide our talents to a project with such heart and positive outcomes.”

We hope that the film will bring a new kind of attention to San Diego’s homelessness crisis, encouraging the community to see the issue of homelessness in a new light.

Join us. Together, we can see an end to homelessness in San Diego. Make a donation right now.