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Creating Christmas Miracles: Thank You to Our Donors

Helping Homeless Families This Christmas Deacon Jim writes about the importance of family during the holidays. Our donors make it possible for families experiencing homelessness to come together in homes of their own.

Giving Thanks: A Message to Our Donors

Deacon Jim Vargas gives thanks to the many supporters who help Father Joe’s Villages continue our mission to end homelessness, one life at a time.

Our Duty: Serving Veterans in Need

After Navy Veteran Robert and his family ended up living in their car, Father Joe’s Villages gave them the services they needed to get back on their feet.

Helping Veterans Find Their Way Home

Father Joe’s Villages serves veterans experiencing homelessness by offering a range of housing programs and supportive serves that will help them find their way home. We See Veterans Home At Father Joe’s Villages, we  are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our veterans, so they can enjoy the freedoms they helped to preserve.

5 Ways to Have the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Make this Thanksgiving one of the greatest days of the year… just follow these five tips! Father Joe’s Villages’ Thanksgiving Day 5K can help your family have the best Thanksgiving morning ever.

Hep A: Educate, Prevent, Support

The Hepatitis A outbreak has claimed the lives of 19 people, threatening homeless San Diegans most of all. It’s time to get educated about hep A and its impact on our more vulnerable neighbors.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Q&A with Deacon Jim Vargas

For Hispanic Heritage Month, Deacon Jim Vargas shares his insights on the influence of Hispanic heritage in the United States. Deacon Jim Vargas is first-generation Hispanic American. His parents both separately emigrated from Puerto Rico in the early 50’s looking for the American dream and better opportunities.

The Harm Reduction Approach to Substance Abuse

Father Joe’s Villages uses the Harm Reduction Model to empower clients to reach their goals. Long before the recent hepatitis A outbreak began its assault on homeless people in San Diego, there was another scourge waging battle: substance abuse. Both situations are complexly intertwined with homelessness and both disproportionately affect individuals experiencing homelessness.

What You Need to Know About Hep A and Homelessness

San Diego is facing a public health emergency and our homeless neighbors are suffering most of all. It’s time to take action.   On September 1, 2017, city health officials declared a state of emergency in the County of San Diego.