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How to Access our Housing Programs

People often ask us: Who gets into your housing programs? How can I help my neighbors in need get housing through Father Joe’s Villages? The answer depends on a number of factors, so we designed an infographic to help!

From Deacon’s Desk: A Veteran’s Independence

Father Joe’s Villages is committed to ending Veteran homelessness in San Diego. That’s why our services for Veterans are helping Dorothea, an Air Force Veteran living with a disability, find self-sufficiency and the opportunity for a brighter future. When Dorothea and her husband Carl met in the Air Force in 1974, they were ready to share a lifetime of joy, love and happiness.

From Deacon’s Desk: The Best Father’s Day Gift

This Father’s Day, some dads will be struggling to provide food and shelter for their families. For Preston, the ultimate Father’s Day gift is to be a beacon of hope for his wife and children. Fathers are called in a special way to sacrifice for their families, providing care and support and leading with courage and accountability.

Granting Safety & Security to Veterans | Programs for Veterans in Need

Father Joe’s Villages provides specialized care to homeless Veterans through two programs serving individuals with the most complicated medical and mental health issues. Here’s how we work together with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to change lives. By Anastasia Lane, Veterans Team Case Manager   Father Joe’s Villages has provided housing and services to Veterans who are homeless since we first set up shop in downtown San Diego as St.

Celebrating the Ladies Guild: 35 Years & Counting!

Father Joe’s Villages’ Ladies Guild is more than just a volunteer group—its the place where camaraderie, hard work and compassion converge. Learn more about their impact over their 35 year history.

From Deacon’s Desk: Celebrating Resilient Mothers

For Michelle, there’s no better Mother’s Day gift than her children’s success. Even when her family was homeless, Michelle’s resiliency and courage helped her family shine. Learn about how Michelle and her family thrived with help from Father Joe’s Villages.

Announcing: 2018 Children’s Charity Gala Honorees

On May 5th, the Children’s Charity Gala will honor individuals and organizations whose services have lifted up neighbors experiencing poverty and homelessness. Read more to learn about our 2018 Children’s Charity Gala Honorees.