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A Young Donor Gives to Others on His Special Day

November 24 was a special and historical day at the Village–we had the honor to meet one exceptional young man and his family. His name is Eli, and that day he turned 6 years old.   Despite the fact that it was his birthday, it was the Village that received a gift.

Life After The Village: Jack’s Journey from Homeless to The Village Chef

Story by Yana Titova   I heard that Jack had an interesting Village story, but before interviewing him, I had no idea how many life adventures this joyful and well-spoken man had.   It was captivating to hear about his globetrotting stories around 40 countries while he was in the military and his memorable years in Germany and Asia.

Jim, A Veteran, Says Thanks

There were so many things stacked against me when I came home from Iraq. With my injury and the economy the way it was, I just couldn’t keep up. My headaches were so intense – blinding flashes of pain–I took to drinking to numb the pain.

From Homeless to Homebuilder

As I watch my kids laughing and roughhousing on our living room floor, I’m thrown back to my childhood and the distance that existed between these everyday moments and the life I lived.   At no more than five years old, an image burns in my memory of my mom and her friends, nearly zombies in their drug-addicted states.

Steven Finds Home & Job Just Months After Thinking He Preferred Jail to the Streets

Father Joe’s Villages makes every effort to end homelessness in San Diego one life at a time. It’s often easy to let the big picture of ending homelessness distract us from the day-to-day successes we see around the Village. For that reason, we’ve created a blog series called “Life After the Village” to share some of the amazing, heart-warming stories of former residents that inspire us to continue our mission.

A Happy Hannah Has A Home and Is Studying for a Career In Healthcare

Toussaint Academy San Diego (TASD) is a licensed group home that serves homeless youth ages 14-18.  Toussaint provides support and opportunities to at-risk youth who have faced unimaginable challenges. Since 1992, TASD has helped residents gain the life skills necessary to become independent, contributing members of society.

Toussaint Academy Graduate Speaks at Francis Parker Elementary

On Tuesday, March 25, a graduate of Toussaint Academy named Anthony Lopez sat on the edge of a stage in the auditorium at Francis Parker Elementary School to address a group of sixth graders.  There were many times in Anthony’s life where he never could have imagined he would be sharing words of wisdom to anyone, let alone explaining to a younger generation how he overcame the adversities of homelessness.