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Life After the Village: John’s Life is Back on Track

John today–a business owner and a responsible citizen. John could only dream about having a warm and secure home or fresh and satisfying foods.   “When I came to St. Vincent de Paul Village, I was hopeless and broken,” John shared.

A Young Donor Gives to Others on His Special Day

November 24 was a special and historical day at the Village–we had the honor to meet one exceptional young man and his family. His name is Eli, and that day he turned 6 years old.   Despite the fact that it was his birthday, it was the Village that received a gift.

Life After The Village: Jack’s Journey from Homeless to The Village Chef

Story by Yana Titova   I heard that Jack had an interesting Village story, but before interviewing him, I had no idea how many life adventures this joyful and well-spoken man had.   It was captivating to hear about his globetrotting stories around 40 countries while he was in the military and his memorable years in Germany and Asia.