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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball when you least expect it.

For example, Lori was doing well in life. She had a job, an apartment and financial stability. Without warning, all of that started to slip away.


It started when her company began to reduce some employees’ hours and let other people go.
Lori was grateful to keep her job, but with the reduced hours, it was hard for her to pay rent and take care of her 15-year-old daughter’s essential needs for school. Her income shrank more every month.


Lori began looking for a new job. To avoid being evicted, she made the drastic decision to move out of her apartment.
After staying with friends in the city, Lori and her daughter applied for temporary housing at St. Vincent de Paul Village in October 2013. When they moved in, they were admitted to Rapid Rehousing – a special program for those who have a job, but need some assistance to find a home.
During their stay, Lori was assigned a case manager to help her find a better job and lay a solid foundation for a self-sufficient future.
“My case manager inspired me to look for a better job and an apartment,” shared Lori. “She also urged me to educate myself financially. In employment skills classes at the Village, I learned to budget, set goals and regulate my expenses.”
Lori put her name on the waiting lists of several apartment complexes in San Diego. Today, she’s close to obtaining the keys to her own apartment, where she and her daughter will have the new beginning she worked so hard for.
She also has found another job doing housekeeping at Sharp Memorial Hospital, but Lori is not stopping there.
Lori’s main goal is to continue working, and in the future, to advance to a fully satisfying career.
“I’m focusing on paying my rent and bills on time, setting long-term financial goals and taking care of my daughter the best I can,” Lori told us. “One of my long-term goals is to have a career that I enjoy. Thanks to the Village, I look forward to the future now!”
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