Landlord Spotlight: Betty and Gary Becker

Father Joe’s Villages thanks Betty and Gary Becker for their dedication to helping us end homelessness in San Diego.

Betty and Gary Becker first learned of Father Joe’s Villages’ participation in the Landlord Engagement and Assistance Program (LEAP) from an article they read in the San Diego Union Tribune. At the time, Betty and Gary were in the process of fixing up two units in a property they owned, and they immediately called Jessica Johnson, Director of Tenant Services at Father Joe’s Villages, to get more information on the program.


LEAP was started by the San Diego Housing Commission in 2017, and provides landlords with incentives for renting housing units to those experiencing homelessness. The program gives landlords a little extra push to participate by providing them with several different areas of assistance when renting to people in the homeless community.


Betty and Gary decided that LEAP sounded like it would be the perfect fit for them.

“Our desire was to help with the homeless population in San Diego, to provide a safe haven for people.”

They have been partnering with Father Joe’s Villages in their mission to end homelessness for almost a year now, and have five tenants renting with them through LEAP. They plan on continuing to rent any units that become available to Father Joe’s Villages clients.


“We have been extremely happy with our relationship with Father Joe’s. The tenants sent to us have been very good. We hope that our place will be a stepping stone for them on their road to becoming self-supporting.”

Father Joe’s Villages does not downplay the importance of landlord participation in the fight to end homelessness in San Diego. At its root, the city’s homelessness crisis is a housing crisis. With such a low vacancy rate, it can seem hopelessly difficult to find affordable housing.

“Without landlords, our clients would still be on the streets. With the landlords taking a chance and helping our programs succeed, our clients get a second lease on life,” explained Krystal Andersen, Supervisor of Housing Coordination for Father Joe’s Villages. “We appreciate the Beckers because they care. They enjoy working with our housing specialists and making a difference in someone’s life.”


Betty and Gary Becker were recently honored for their work with Father Joe’s Villages at the annual Landlord Appreciation Dinner. We applaud their— as well as other contributing landlords’— commitment and dedication to helping end homelessness in our community one life at a time.