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flag in the windThis Veterans Day, we honor those who have bravely risked their lives to defend our country. But the hard reality is that, for many of our nation’s service men and women, the risks are not over. For many veterans, returning home brings a complex set of challenges that can be overwhelming to fight.


Jorge is a 52-year-old Navy veteran and the single father of three children. In the years after his service, he struggled with PTSD. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer.


Jorge struggled to make ends meet for his children while fighting his serious illness. When his sister passed away, Jorge and his children not only lost a loved one, they also lost their only remaining family support and their place to live.


Fortunately, Jorge and his family found their way to Father Joe’s Villages.

Now, Jorge is getting regular treatment for his cancer and has easy access to doctors and other health care professionals whenever he needs it. His children have hope for the future. Even though Jorge’s family still faces challenges, he knows they have a safe place to stay, healthy meals to eat and a loving community of support.


Every week at Father Joe’s Villages, Jorge joins other veterans who are homeless for lunch to learn about available resources, build problem-solving skills and enjoy the support of his peers.


Father Joe’s Villages gives Jorge the courage to face his difficult circumstances, knowing that during his time of need, he is not alone. It gives him and his family hope.

This Veterans Day, make a monthly donation to support veterans like Jorge, and give them the gift of hope as they rebuild their lives.


Yours in God’s Service to our Neighbors in Need,

Signature of Deacon Jim