Every day, our neighbors overcome incredible barriers on their journey out of homelessness. Many share their stories as a way to celebrate their accomplishments and express their gratitude. Here’s what we learned from our courageous neighbors in 2018.

Need help making your resolution stick? Here are five stories to serve as your inspiration for the new year.

Kendra learning skills to be a chef at Father Joe's Villages
1. Follow your passion

Preston and Kendra lost their jobs and ended up homeless. With help from Employment & Education Services, both discovered a love of the culinary arts. They received training and support from our Culinary Arts Program which allowed them to secure careers that not only inspire them but also help them regain self-sufficiency.

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David eating a cupcake | How Therapeutic Childcare Helps Homeless Children
2. Face your challenges head-on

After experiencing the stresses of homelessness with his family, 4-year-old David struggled with developmental difficulties such as aggression and impulse control. Teaming up with our Therapeutic Childcare team, he worked hard to face his challenges. Now, David thrives in school, at home and in life.

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3. Believe in yourself

When John became homeless after a failed business venture, he felt hopeless about the modern job market. Father Joe’s Villages helped him understand his strengths and John regained confidence in his skills and abilities. He launched a career in medical counseling, secured a full-time job and moved into his own apartment.

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Dorothea with her dog Contessa | Veteran Homelessness San Diego
4. Don’t lose hope

After Dorothea lost her husband and became confined to a wheelchair, her grief and disability made it impossible to gain housing and employment. However, after entering our Veteran program, Dorothea joined one of our vocational programs. With new confidence in her abilities, Dorothea has regained hope in a brighter future.

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Sebastian Transitional Housing
5. You can have an impact

Sebastian was homeless on the streets of San Diego for 15 years before he found Father Joe’s Villages. Our services helped him maintain his recovery from addiction, find housing and start a new life. Now that Sebastian is no longer homeless, he wants to give back. He regularly gives food out to San Diegans in need.

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We believe in you.

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