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Six Reasons Why You Should Come to our Thanksgiving Day 5K

  1. You can bring your entire family. Our Thanksgiving Day 5K is one of the only pet friendly 5K’s in San Diego. This is the perfect opportunity to get your pup some exercise—maybe they’ll even be too tired to beg for that leftover turkey bone.

From Deacon Jim’s Desk: Give to Change Lives

San Diego parents are excited to help their children pick out new school supplies and make new friends. For homeless children the first day of school means something much simpler: a safe, stable haven away from the chaos of the street.

From Deacon Jim’s Desk: Can You Change Someone’s Life Today?

For the families at Father Joe’s Villages, weekday mornings resemble a typical family’s: moms and dads hurrying to wake their kids, making sure they are fed and dressed before rushing out the door and off to school.   But while we might relate to this hectic morning routine, the moms and dads at the Village have to put extra effort in keeping their families going.

A Local Band Lights Up Father Joe’s Villages Clients’ Thursday Night

It was a music-filled evening at St. Vincent de Paul Village on July 20. Staff, clients and volunteers all raved about the performance of the eight-piece band that lit up our client housing celebration event. One special client even pulled up a chair right up front so he could take it all in.

A Teen Paves the Way to His Future

Patrick is a typical 16 year-old teen who enjoys singing and listening to music. He is enrolled in San Diego High School and participates in school activities such as Varsity Cheer Squad. But just a year ago, his life wasn’t as normal.  

From Deacon Jim’s Desk: From Homeless to Independent

At Father Joe’s Villages, every homeless neighbor has a unique vision of independence. Some dream of breaking an addiction. Others equate independence with paying the rent on time each month.   For Flavienne, independence meant landing a stable job.   I met Flavienne in 2015.

From Deacon Jim’s Desk: A Summer of Brighter Futures

It’s that time of year again when thousands of children and teens have their summer break. If you’re like me and have a teenager in your life, the memories of your own childhood are not far off. You may remember with fondness that time when your biggest concerns were whether your parents would let you borrow the family car for a night out with your friends or who you were going to ask to the school dance.

Who Is Father Joe?

As an icon of the Southern California region and beyond, Father Joe Carroll has selflessly and tirelessly served our community for more than three decades. Although he retired in 2011 and is no longer associated with Father Joe’s Villages, Father Joe continues to lend a hand in our community with charm and charisma.