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A Teen Paves the Way to His Future

Patrick is a typical 16 year-old teen who enjoys singing and listening to music. He is enrolled in San Diego High School and participates in school activities such as Varsity Cheer Squad. But just a year ago, his life wasn’t as normal.  

From Deacon Jim’s Desk: From Homeless to Independent

At Father Joe’s Villages, every homeless neighbor has a unique vision of independence. Some dream of breaking an addiction. Others equate independence with paying the rent on time each month.   For Flavienne, independence meant landing a stable job.   I met Flavienne in 2015.

From Deacon Jim’s Desk: A Summer of Brighter Futures

It’s that time of year again when thousands of children and teens have their summer break. If you’re like me and have a teenager in your life, the memories of your own childhood are not far off. You may remember with fondness that time when your biggest concerns were whether your parents would let you borrow the family car for a night out with your friends or who you were going to ask to the school dance.

Who Is Father Joe?

As an icon of the Southern California region and beyond, Father Joe Carroll has selflessly and tirelessly served our community for more than three decades. Although he retired in 2011 and is no longer associated with Father Joe’s Villages, Father Joe continues to lend a hand in our community with charm and charisma.

Have Some BBQ with Us on June 11

Summer means grillin’ time! Come join Father Joe’s Villages’ staff and supporters for our backyard barbecue at Furniture Warehouse.  Enjoy some treats, check out new furniture arrivals and see what’s up for grabs at our specialty auction preview.  WHEN: Saturday, June 11 at 11 a.m.

CEO Deacon Jim Answers: Is the Interim Housing Program Working?

Father Joe’s Villages’ Therapeutic Childcare team helped Josh recognize his emotions, analyze the impact of his actions and identify coping strategies. Today, a few years older and a lot wiser about the impact of his behavior, Josh is a shining example to many people, young and old alike.

Jewel Supports Father Joe’s Villages

Before Jewel became a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, she was homeless in San Diego. Now, she supports Father Joe’s mission to end homelessness, one life at a time.   To help homeless neighbors find a path to self-reliance, click here or call 1-800-HOMELESS.

Mothers Need Help, Too

When I walk the campus of our St. Vincent de Paul Village, I reflect on the image of ‘helping hands.’ I see so many amazing mothers, doing what mothers do—laughing and playing with their children, correcting misbehavior and giving gentle guidance.